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Fixing the Flash autoSize delay problem

Sometimes when using the autoSize and wordWrap properties with a dynamic TextField there is a tiny delay in it resizing and wrapping everything. It’s so fast that you won’t see it happen. Now if you have some other items immediately following the resize they will not be able to read the updated height correctly. I […]

Flash Hates The Future

Recently I sent over a few Flash 8 source files to a friend at his company. There was one main Flash .fla file and a few external classes stored in seperate .as files. When they tried to publish them on their Mac they received a series of errors like this: **Error** GoodbyeWorld: Line 5: The […]

Flash FLVPlayback Seperate Play and Pause Buttons

I’m working on a custom skin for the FLVPlayback component. The design requires a play button with a pause button next to it at all times. All the provided skins use the dual PlayPauseButton system. That’s where you have a play button and no pause button. When you press play it switches to become the […]

Sourceforge Project Hosting

Setup my first sourceforge project today. It’s for the Stargate Atlantis DHD Simulator project that I’ve been working for the past year or so. Amazing how time flies. In the beginning it was going to be a closed source project but as time passed I decided to make it open source under the GNU General […]

Flash Shared Library Assets Gotcha

Shared libraries are a great concept for Flash. You can store items that get used in several movies in a single file and then load them into the parent movies as their needed. I’m going to show you how… In my Stargate Atlantis DHD Sim project there is a main movie called “dhd”. That has […]