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Handy Flash Domain Reading

“How can a Flash file see the address of the page its on?” Get asked that one quite a lot. I’ve put some thought into it and have begun toying with a few ideas.

Microsofts update to Active Content in IE Part II

In my last post I described the problem that the new update for IE poses for Flash developers. Well ok, it’s not really a problem but more of an inconvenience for our end users. My final note was to say that I was looking forward to seeing Adobe/Macromedia’s solution as I was dissatisfied with Microsoft’s […]

Microsofts update to Active Content in IE

I was going to post this a while ago but I thought I would give it some time to see if a decent solutions was released by Microsoft or Adobe/Macromedia. Recently Microsoft released an update for Internet Explorer which disables active content until the user directly interacts with it. This covers a range of areas […]

Flash8 BitmapData.loadBitmap() Woes

If you’ve been having trouble getting anything to appear when using the loadBitmap() function then chances are you’ve made a simple mistake. The documentation says to use the linkageId of a library object as the sole argument for this function i.e: var myBitmap:BitmapData = BitmapData.loadMovie(“libObjectId”); The key to using this function is that you have […]

Change Flash Projecter Executable Icons

A lot of people in the DevShed Flash forum ask how to change the icons associated with Flash Projector files. There’s a whole slew of commercial applications to do this but there’s one free solution that is really simple to use. I hadn’t really thought of using it for just changing program icons but then […]