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Stargate Atlantis DHD Sims Two Year Birthday

Two years ago I released the first version of the Stargate Atlantis DHD Simulator. There have been seven public releases over the past two years and I have been feverishly working to get the 8th release ready for public consumption. The new version includes numerous updates including and not limited to: updated graphics, proper canon […]

New file context menu templates

When using Windows XP you can right click inside a folder, expand the New submenu item and then pick a new file template to create. What few people realise is that you can add and edit your own templates. Recently I got a bit fed up of setting up the same Flash document structure over […]

With great power comes great responsibility

Today I became a moderator for the DevShed Flash Help forum which is one of my favorite online hangouts. Hope it goes well, I applied for the role when another frequent helper b3n suggested that we both apply. I’m hoping he gets the role as well so we can both help each other out.

Show Review: Chinese State Circus

The Chinese State Circus came to town earlier this month. I thought it would be a cool surprise to take dad to go and see it. The show is hosted by “The Splendid Monkey King” who is one of my favorite fictional characters. He introduces each act as well as telling you a bit about […]

Movie Review – Rocky I-VI

I was born a little late in life to of enjoyed the Rocky saga when it first hit the streets. I’ve always heard the Rocky related jokes and comments but they never really made much sense to me having not seen any of the movies. All that recently changed with the release of Rocky Balboa […]