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Music To Your Ears – All My Phone Ringtones

I get a kick from making ringtones and notification sounds and my friends seem to enjoy them as well. I had an accident and deleted a bunch of them a few weeks ago and since then I’ve played with the idea of putting them all online so that I can have a live backup of […]

Funambol Outlook Plugin Profile Popup

This is a post to a quite small group of people. Those are the people that use the Funambol service to sync their data amongst multiple systems. I use it to sync my Calendar, Tasks and Notes between Outlook 2010 and my Android phone. It works just as it should except that if you enable […]

Saving Passwords with the UltraVNC Client

I switched to VNC over remote desktop a few weeks ago as the RD connection kept playing havok with my dual screen setup on the remote target. VNC seems fine and I really like the way that I can be logged in on the remote machine locally as well as remotely. One thing that has […]

Battlefield 2142 to Bad Company 2 Migration Guide

Up until recently the only Battlefield game I had played was 2142, definitely one of my favourite games. I was persuaded to give Bad Company 2 a go and safe to say that is now also one of my favourite games. Some things are quite different than 2142 and will probably trip up other people […]

Halo Reach

So Halo Reach arrived on Tuesday, I preordered it from Amazon. I played about 6 hours on Tuesday and then about 10 hours yesterday and completed it on Heroic at around 1am this morning. It’s pretty cool but I liked ODST more. One thing that annoyed me in Reach was that I kept getting lost. […]