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When using Windows XP you can right click inside a folder, expand the New submenu item and then pick a new file template to create. What few people realise is that you can add and edit your own templates. Recently I got a bit fed up of setting up the same Flash document structure over and over again so I decided to alter the default .fla template.

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The Chinese State Circus came to town earlier this month. I thought it would be a cool surprise to take dad to go and see it. The show is hosted by “The Splendid Monkey King” who is one of my favorite fictional characters. He introduces each act as well as telling you a bit about Chinese history along the way. The show lasted about 1 1/2 – 2 hours with an interval in the middle. It had alot of fine acts including amongst others:

  • Ring Jumpers – these guys are pretty crazy, they take long run-ups and jump through spinning hoops
  • Contortionist Girl – her act was very impressive although in the back of my mind I did think she would be a spooky girlfriend what with some of the bends she could do Wink
  • Jug Jugglers – this would of been one of my least favorite acts as it was kinda boring except that one of the jugglers kept messing up accidentally which made it quite fun to watch
  • Plate Spinning Chefs – I thought the plate spinning would be boring but they made it really funny, thumbs up to them for that one
  • Pole Climbers – ra these guys rock. They just run up to it and suddenly their 20 feet in the air somersaulting off one pole onto another
  • Lion Dancers – These were similar to the dragon dancers except they were in big lion costumes. They had two “Lion Tamers” that had a hard time keeping these mischevious beasts at bay
  • Dragon Dancers – they had massive, long luminous dragons running around the stage. All the little kids in the audience loved this
  • Shaolin Monks – I saved the best for last, the Shaolin monks performed a host of kata and demonstrations. I love these guys. There was alot of breeze block breaking action as well as weapon displays and chi control. I’d go to a show just to watch these guys so having them there with everything else was amazing

If you get the chance you should definately go and watch this show. It’s one of those “Once in a lifetime” things that you’ll always remember.

I was born a little late in life to of enjoyed the Rocky saga when it first hit the streets. I’ve always heard the Rocky related jokes and comments but they never really made much sense to me having not seen any of the movies. All that recently changed with the release of Rocky Balboa the 6th and final Rocky movie. I’d just got back from a hard days sparring and was crashing out on the sofa with dinner when I saw that Rocky was just about to start on Sky Movies. Then I realised it was a Rocky marathon with 1-5 being shown back to back. My options for the evening where work and get that almost late project completed or watch the Rocky marathon. Welcome to my mini guide of the Rocky movies Smile

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I tried this out ages ago and it didnt really work. It was like half the system shut down but the drives and cpu fan kept ticking. I realised I hadn’t tried it on my current hardware setup as I changed my motherboard for an Abit AV8-3rd Eye during the past two years. I just tested out hibernate and suspend and both worked fine. I ran into a problem with suspending the system where the monitor didnt resume but I found an easy fix for that. I wrote up what happens with each as I figured theres probably tons of other people who havent given it a go.

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So google seemed to hate my old domain name, maybe it got blacklisted as part of the no-ip free range. Either way I was getting thrashed in the listing by my photographer counterpart. The new domain is which is replacing the old domain of

I setup a bunch of 301 redirects to gradually move peoples links over to the new domain whilst keeping the search engines happy. Setting that up was a bit of a pain but now its mostly complete. Redirected links to the wiki still arent 100% sorted yet as they show the uncleaned urls tagged onto the new domain name. It means they are fully functional but they just arent as pretty looking so they need more work.

Senators Hillary Clinton, Joe Lieberman, and Evan Bayh recently announced that they will introduce “The Family Entertainment Protection Act” which would regulate the sale of certain video games throughout America.

Anti-video game forces are pressing forward. Gamers must stand up now and take action. The government does not regulate access to or the sale of movies, books or cable TV, and it should not regulate video games.

Please take action now and tell your Senators not to co-sponsor or support “The Family Entertainment Protection Act” via this site:

If it happens in America then it might only be a matter of time before mis-conceived idealogies such as this spread to other countries.

You read it right, there are laws against this sort of thing arent there?

MSS Subliminal Messages

The game plays .wav files when your in certain buildings that could be considered subliminul. The messages vary in what they say but a fair few are money orientatedMoney Mouth

“You look great! Try our clothing color system” – which’ll cost you.
“You have the gift! Be the best miner” – by constantly purchasing a flow of bombs and equipment repairs from us.

I’ll leave you with my all time favorite Laughing

“Your dreams have no limit! Build something great”