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Java Server Pages

I got offered a job today using JSP. I havent touched this language at all so I was quite intrigued to see what it looked like. After a bit of reading it seems pretty easy to write although some areas appear much more bloated than C# i.e. theres alot of repeating code blocks. C# is still my 2nd favorite language after ActionScript but I reckon JSP could easily be my third!

The repeating code blocks arent that bad once you wrap them into their own utility classes as they can then be summed up with a single line of code. There are some really interesting features of JSP that C# doesnt offer, the first to catch my eye was "Container Managed Persistance". The idea is that you write an entity bean, thats a class which is mainly used for storing and accessing properties and that then gets automatically linked to a database. Each time you update or view a property of the class the bean container will automatically read and write the value to and from the database. Pretty neat stuff although in alot of cases you would use "Bean Managed Persistance" which entails writing your own database functions. This then makes it more like its C# counterparts. I think this is the model that I will be using.

These are some links that I found really useful:

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See your favorite movies re-enacted by Flash Bunnies

OK so it isn't exactly news but its really funny and worth a look:

Angry Alien Productions

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Need help identifying fonts?

Its a site where you upload an image with the font in it and it will do its best to tell you the name of the font. This is quite old now but I only just found out about it:

What The Font?

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Flash8 BitmapData.loadBitmap() Woes

If you've been having trouble getting anything to appear when using the loadBitmap() function then chances are you've made a simple mistake. The documentation says to use the linkageId of a library object as the sole argument for this function i.e:

var myBitmap:BitmapData = BitmapData.loadMovie("libObjectId");

The key to using this function is that you have to attach an actual image object from the library; so say you've imported a jpg/png there, give this a linkageId and use that. Dont drop an instance of the image into a movieclip/graphic object and give that an Id. That would be the reason it didnt work. Be warned: you wont get an error message telling you it didnt work, your bitmap will just be blank.

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Sky By Broadband is not what it seems

Sky By Broadband is not what it seems:


I installed it last night and was showing it off to some other people. Today when I logged in my firewall told me that a service I had never heard of was trying to act as a server. At first this had me a bit myphed but then I remembered the last thing I had done last night; install SBB (Sky By Broadband). So I pulled up my services panel and saw a new service called KService.exe running. I did a quick google and found that its a service installed along with SBB. That's also when I found the above page. It turns out that SBB is a peer to peer application such as Emule, Kazaa etc.

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