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Using credentials with the .net SmtpClient class

I had a bit of trouble decyphering the MSDN article below:

What MSDN says about using credentials i.e the SmtpClient.Credentials property

Using a username and password with the new .net mailer is actually quite easy (C#):

SmtpClient mailer = new SmtpClient();
mailer.Host = "mail.youroutgoingsmtpserver.com";
mailer.Credentials = new System.Net.NetworkCredential("yourusername", "yourpassword");
mailer.Send("from@address.net", "to@address.net", "Subject line", "Main email text body");

As a sidenote, I was trying to send from an smtp server that was running on the same system as the site I was working on. That server uses the no-ip service to redirect the domain name to the dynamic IP the server sits at. The problem I ran into was that hotmail totally rejected the sent messages on receipt. I could send them ok but they just never came through on the other end, at the hotmail recipient. It took alot of digging around for me to find out that it rejects mail sent from certain dynamic IP hosts such as no-ip. If you want to send it then you will have to use an smtp server that is NOT with one of these hosts.

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Project Entropia Subliminal Messages

You read it right, there are laws against this sort of thing arent there?

MSS Subliminal Messages

The game plays .wav files when your in certain buildings that could be considered subliminul. The messages vary in what they say but a fair few are money orientatedMoney Mouth

"You look great! Try our clothing color system" - which'll cost you.
"You have the gift! Be the best miner" - by constantly purchasing a flow of bombs and equipment repairs from us.

I'll leave you with my all time favorite Laughing

"Your dreams have no limit! Build something great"

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Updating .net 1 applications to .net 2

Today I was updating an old .net site to use the new .net2 classes. The warning messages in the C# Express IDE about obsolete classes where quite helpful but after a bit of googling I came across the following link. Its really handy for identifying areas in your applications that need special attention. I just scanned the list and located 5 classes that I'm positive I used in the original application.

.NET Framework V2.0 Obsolete API List

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Change Flash Projecter Executable Icons

Alot of people in the DevShed Flash forum ask how to change the icons associated with Flash Projector files. Theres a whole slew of commercial applications to do this but theres one free solution that is really simple to use. I hadnt really thought of using it for just changing program icons but then it hit me the other day when someone asked, yet again, how to do this. This is a slightly modified version of my thread post, its aimed at Flash Projector .exe files although it can be used for any Windows executable.

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Theres no need for piracy

If your a user of pirate software you should be aware that there are now plenty of decent, free alternatives available. In todays age it is quickly becoming unsafe to download and even just to possess pirate software. I'm going to keep updating this blog entry with the latest free and opensource alternative solutions.

The format is that the title will be the application you "might" be "trialing" at the moment, the content after that describes its free counterpart.

Microsoft Visual Studio
Microsoft themselves have provided a series of free alternatives called the express editions.


Microsoft Office
Well this alternative is already well established but its worth pointing out for those who dont know about it. Its called "Open Office" and its produced by Sun Microsystems, that's right the people who dish out Java.


Microsoft .net Framework
Ok so you got me with this one, its always been free! You'd be surprised how many people think you have to pay to develop with it though.


Adobe Photoshop
I've been using a package called GIMP. Its just a full featured graphics package, its not really a clone of Photoshop. Out of the free ones I've played with it seems to have the most support though. I'd be happy if anyone had any others they think are better though as I'm not 100% happy with this one.


Discreet 3D Studio Max
So this is the trickiest in my opinion. I loved using Max since v3. Now I dont work at any companies that have it I've had to search long and hard for a decent alternative. Nothing really compares to it. There are two that kind of stand out from the rest though, the first is GMax which was a free product from Discreet for game developers. Its almost a complete 3DS v4 but you cant render with it and it uses its own file format. "So whats the point of that then?" I hear you ask. Well it still lets you make complex geometry that you can capture with print screen and alter in GIMP ;

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