These are the skins I have made for the game Dawn Of War. Making the skins is pretty simple since their is an "Army Painter" built into the game. All that is really required is that you (a) pull the correct colors off screenshots and (b) locate decent quality images of each characters emblem. Using the right dimensions and image formats for the in-game badges is explained here. When you download the banners and badges make sure to save them in the "Badges" and "Banners" directories inside your game directory, you should then be able to select them using the in-game "Army Painter".

You can set 5 colors for each skin and then give it a badge that is displayed on its shoulder as well as a seperate emblem that is displayed on its flags i.e. when a location is captured on a level a flag is hung on it to show who owns it.

Batman Beyond Batman Black On Grey Batman Yellow On Grey Captain America Deathstroke
The Flash Green Lantern The Punisher Robin Teen Titan Slade
Spiderman Superman Superman - Elseworlds Tale Superman Inverted Thundercats
Venom Wonder Woman Wonder Woman Stars  
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