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This is a recreation of "The Laughing Man logo" designed by Terratag and used in the Production I.G. series "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex". The Laughing Man is one of the primary characters and he uses this image to mask his identity.

This project has been created entirely within Macromedia Flash MX.  Although it may appear that the text is merely rotating if you watch carefully you will notice that it is in fact streaming. i.e. characters flow in from the top right and out via the bottom right. This is one area that posed a problem as the full sentence takes up more room than one rotation. My solution was to create a text generator. The key was to separate the text to be written away from the actual rotation mechanism. This allows for as long a line of text as desired within a limited area.

This makes a nice screensaver or even a animated background. I use it as one of my Internet Explorer start up pages.