Samli’s Hairdressers Freelance 2017.06.06

Toarps Plåtslageri Freelance 2017.09.25

Aria Quads & Bikes Freelance 2016.10.14
This was a last minute budget Prestshop site that had to be setup and active within 3 days due to advertising going live. Whist it is mostly just the basic theme I did heavily customise the payment system to streamline the experience as they said that they were seeing a lot of abandoned carts. When they asked the potential customers why they had not completed checkout they said it was too lengthy a process. The new system ties directly into PayPal Express and cuts out about 2/3 of the default checkout system.    

SMG Management Group Freelance 2016.04.18

Toto’s Fog & Bygg Freelance 2015.01.16

Anderssonssten AB Freelance 2014.09.03

Eye2Eye Freelance 2014.12.05

Havas Lynx Site Freelance 2016.04.02 - 2017.04.15
I was asked to take over development of their WordPress site for a short time which included expanding current sections and fixing numerous bugs.    

Classic Weapon Freelance 2014.03.11 – 2015.11.11
I setup a heavily customised Prestashop eCommerce solution for them that tied into a remote weapon serial number tracking system that I developed.    

Advokatfirman Aldo AB Freelance 2014.01.20 - 2014.05.24
This is a solicitors firm in Sweden. I setup a Joomla CMS site for them and developed the custom template.    

Func Gaming Freelance 2013.12.17 - 2014.03.25
Func gaming was a gaming PC hardware manufacturer and retailer. Since I worked with them they have merged into FNatic Gear.    

Äventyret Freelance 2012.02.13 - 2014.05.25
Äventyret is a daycare center in Sweden. This was the first of a series of daycare center projects created for the local government in the North.    

Jälmers Ur Freelance 2011.11.18
Jälmers is an internationally acclaimed luxury watch maker. He wanted a site to highlight his two stores and show the world his skills and products.    

QPAD Freelance 2011.11.09 - 2017.05.15
QPad is an international computer hardware provider based in Sweden and America. They wanted a simple CMS to allow them to update their online catalogue and highlight their services. This also serves as the first point of contact for their customer services.    

International Women's Club of Stockholm Freelance 2012.09.24 - 2017.05.15

Exquisite Events Freelance 2011.09.12 - 2012.09.24
Exquisite Events was a new company that setup and ran events for people such as wedding receptions, birthdays and bachelorette weekends. This was a simple quick CMS MS job that tied in with their printed media.    

Meca Borås Freelance 2011.06.17 - 2012.11.17
Meca Borås are a car dealership in Sweden. They wanted an online presence to help connect them to a wider audience and to serve as the first point of contact for the digitally inclined.    

Greta & Anna Freelance 2011.02.07 - 2012.05.22
Greta & Anna are a fashion chain in Sweden. They wanted both a CMS and a shop to copy their high-street success to the internet. By this point I had stopped using OSCommerce and Zen Cart as they are both very insecure systems, opted to use X-Cart as it seemed to have a good track record and a similar template system to OSCommerce which I was already familiar with.    

Nine Three Limited Full Time 2009.05.01 - Present
My own company    

Havas Lynx Freelance 2011.11.28 - 2016.02.16
Mobile application development    

Arom-dekor Freelance 2010.09.27 - 2010.11.29
Arom-dekor is a chemical company who wanted a site to highlight their products and services.    

Acre Freelance 2010.09.06 - 2010.09.20
Acre is run by a lumberjack who wanted a site he could refer clients to that want to see examples of his past and current work. Prior to this there had been a "coming soon" page for the past few years.    

Fredrik Bjurklint Freelance 2010.05.09 - 2010.05.18
Fredrik is a master dog trainer who people take their pets to so they can learn control techniques. He wanted a simple site to display his skills and success stories.    

Kognitivt Center i Borås Freelance 2010.05.12 - 2010.05.13
KBT are a network of cognitive therapists conducting Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to aid people suffering from mental illness.    

Hydrocomp Freelance 2010.04.12 - 2010.05.18
Manufacturer of hydraulic components and systems solutions. They wanted an online portal to display their products and services.    

Vestro Freelance 2010.02.24 - 2011.01.27
Vestro was a total shop redesign. As I'd vowed to not use "OS Commerce" again until they release a new version I had been looking for alternatives. I decided to go with "Zen Cart" as it was branched from an earlier version of OSC so I was already familiar with the file structure and templating system plus it was still being actively worked on.    

Ciluette Freelance 2010.02.16 - 2012.01.25
Ciluette was a total site redesign and development for a Swedish company specialising in body treatments and products. They wanted a new site to highlight their services and products.    

Kom4U Freelance 2009.04.01
Kom4U is run by Göran Persson who is a motivational speaker who goes into companies and helps boost their productivity. He had a static HTML site and had to go through a developer whenever he wanted to add/amend content. Now he has a CMS which allows him do everything himself.    

North West Features Freelance 2009.04.01 - 2009.09.03
North West Features was an online gossip magazine which had a large following and received regular celebrity tips. I was brought in to add some Flash based animations throughout the site.    

Frans Mensink Freelance 2009.03.21 - 2009.05.04
Frans draws erotic art for several different media formats. He wanted a new website to promote his work and serve as an online portfolio. I decided to use "CMS Made Simple" for this project as I found it had a much simpler admin interface for my clients to use whilst under the hood it has an advanced, easy to modify system.    

Phoenix Ironworks Freelance 2008.12.15 - 2009.02.02
Phoenix already had two websites and they wanted a portal that would direct their customers to the correct location. This was a pretty simple job written in straight HTML/CSS.    

Dan Berg Freelance 2008.03.03 - 2011.01.28
Dan Berg is a diving equipment specialist. They wanted a fully implemented ecommerce solution so I used OS Commerce.    

Espira Freelance 2007.10.09 - 2010.01.28
Espira is an advertising company in Sweden that needed a little outside help which is where I came in. Created a totally new site using Joomla which gave them the ability to edit the site content themselves which is a big step-up from the old static HTML version.    

Holgers Freelance 2007.11.13 - 2008.03.26
Holgers is big player in the Swedish construction industry. I created a bespoke PHP based catalogue to show off their services.    

BBS Design Freelance 2007.10.01 - 2008.02.12
Created PHP based shop using the OS Commerce system.    

Creative Lynx Contract 2007.09.14 - 2011.11.28
Flash development    

Our Song Freelance 2009.04.17 - 2010.12.21
Flash development    

The Puppini Sisters Freelance 2007.08.23 - 2007.08.29

This was an already made Flash site for the The Puppini Sisters, a 3 girl music group. The site required several updates which were applied by Paperplane Madia and myself. They did all the new design work and I did the Puppini Press section, the Theatre and a minor update to the navigation system as well as consulation on the other areas.


Wacko Wiki Full Time 2007.08.27 - 2011.12.01
Lead developer in Wacko Wiki continuation.    

DevShed Forum Moderator Full Time 2007.03.26 - 2016.01.01
I helped people on a daily basis for a year or two and then got invited to become a moderator. I did this for several years but decided to leave when the site when it was sold to a marketing agency.    

Paperplane Media Freelance 2007.01.14 - 2009.07.05
Flash development    

Bicycle Thieves Freelance 2006.11.13 - 2006.11.22
Flash logo development    

Philip Porter Guitars Freelance 2006.10.23 - 2006.11.22
Flash logo development    

Niotre Marketing AB Full Time 2006.09.08 - 2017.12.30
  • Flash development
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • General software development

Agent Moneypenny Freelance 2006.05.11 - 2007.07.01
Design and Development    

RPS Ltd Freelance 2005.08.05 - 2005.08.13

Trolley Tech Freelance 2005.07.30 - 2005.08.22

Just Pre Pay Freelance 2005.04.20 - 2005.04.28

Bitz For Bikers Freelance 2005.03.03 - 2005.03.25

Better Home Freelance 2005.02.28 - 2005.03.02

Glen Rosa Freelance 2005.02.17 - 2005.02.25

CTi Support Network Limited Contract 2005.03.20 - 2007.01.01
  • JSP Development
  • PostgreSQL Development
  • Microsoft SQL Development

CTi Support Network Limited Freelance 2005.05.01 - 2007.09.13
Flash site development on various projects    

FL Studio Freelance 2004.07.01 - 2004.09.20
Flash Advertising Banner design and development    

Podium Solutions Full Time 2004.05.01 - 2005.10.07
  • Development of websites and bespoke software
  • Primarily .net, XHTML and Flash

DevShed Journalist Freelance 2004.04.16 - 2006.12.01
Article writer    

Tora Te Karate Freelance 2004.04.01 - 2006.07.08
Site design and development    

P and O Internet Solutions Freelance 2004.01.17 - 2004.05.25
  • Site design and development
  • Flash and XHTML

Juan Matos Freelance 2004.01.16 - 2004.02.03
  • Small revamp of site
  • Primarily teaching Juan more recent methods of HTML coding

Colassoul Mojo Freelance 2004.01.03 - 2004.01.06
Collaboration to solve site HTML and Flash problems    

Bedre Reklame AS Freelance 2003.12.15 - 2007.10.22
Flash component development on numerous projects    

The Manhattan Project Freelance 2003.03.01 - 2003.03.20
Dynamic Flash header    

Criteria Fieldwork Limited Part Time 2003.03.01 - 2004.02.01
Market Research    

A1Webs Full Time 2001.06.01 - 2002.09.01
Development of Flash and HTML sites    

SadieLazarus Freelance 2000.12.01 - 2003.12.31
Site design and development    

Westbrook Technology Full Time 1999.08.01 - 2000.05.01
  • Site design and development in-house and for clients
  • Multi-site computer installation and support

Phillip Scott and Co Part Time 1998.02.01 - 1998.04.01
Architectural design    

Automated Business Equipment Full Time 1997.03.01 - 1999.08.01
  • In-house and on-site computer installation and support
  • Site design and development for clients