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So my site was slowly gathering mothballs as I had fallen out of love with the old blog and wiki software I was using.  Unfortunately a consequence of me avoiding using the site was that non of the security updates had been applied and some naughty sod decided to use an exploit to gain file system access to the domain directory.  Once they gained access they uploaded some scripts which let them use the sites mail system to send out spam emails and whilst I could of carried on just replacing their bad files it was one of those battles I wasn't going to win in the longterm without repairing the breach.  In the end I decided to take it as the world giving me a sign to rebuild it the way I wanted it to be.

The site is still a work in progress as I'm currently pretty busy with work commitments but I aim to import all of the old content, I'm hoping to have everything finished within the next week or two so then it will be back to business as usual, hopefully with a more consistant stream of new posts Smile

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