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A lot of people in the DevShed Flash forum ask how to change the icons associated with Flash Projector files. There’s a whole slew of commercial applications to do this but there’s one free solution that is really simple to use. I hadn’t really thought of using it for just changing program icons but then it hit me the other day when someone asked, yet again, how to do this. This is a slightly modified version of my thread post, its aimed at Flash Projector .exe files although it can be used for any Windows executable.

  • Get the free utility called Resource Hacker, I’ll refer to it as RH for the rest of this article. This lets you open up various files and edit their contents. I used to use this to edit some stuff in Windows XP dlls. I just thought of using this to alter the Flash projector icon now and it seems to work fine.
  • Open RH and then drag n drop your Flash Projector .exe onto it. Don’t worry if the tree view looks really complicated as its not! (plus you don’t need to mess with it for this)
  • Now click on the Action menu and then Replace Icon.
  • A new window should of opened. On the right hand side you should have two icon names to replace. For me with they were called “200” and “608”. By clicking on the names you can see a preview of the icon near the top right. The one to change here is the “200” one.
  • Near the top left is a button that says “Open file with new icon”. Click that and navigate to the .ico file you want to use.
  • Select it in the file browser and choose open. You should now see a preview of it just under the “Open file with new icon” button. Now just choose Replace near the bottom right.
  • That will take you back to the main RH window. Just click File->Save.
  • Presto! new icon 😊
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