Sky By Broadband is not what it seems

Sky By Broadband is not what it seems:

I installed it last night and was showing it off to some other people. Today when I logged in my firewall told me that a service I had never heard of was trying to act as a server. At first this had me a bit myphed but then I remembered the last thing I had done last night; install SBB (Sky By Broadband). So I pulled up my services panel and saw a new service called KService.exe running. I did a quick google and found that its a service installed along with SBB. That’s also when I found the above page. It turns out that SBB is a peer to peer application such as Emule, Kazaa etc.

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  • Peter Burchett
    Peter Burchett

    I found that too… What (if anything) did you do to get rid of it. I have sent an email to SKY asking them what data this program is uploading, but so far they have not replied. I intend to uninstall the sky by broadband service if they do not get back to me soon, as all you seem to be able to do is to watch the videos…

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