End of my wireless woes

So after months of battling with my wireless network I’ve finally had enough. Wireless technology is just not ready for mainstream usage despite what the big brands may be saying. Sure if your a casual user who just wants to google some data or check your mail it might be fine but for file sharing, web hosting and online gaming it just isnt a truely feasable tech. I’m removing all the wireless cards from the systems here and reverting back to good old Ethernet. I wrote a letter to Belkin, the manufacturer of all my wireless hardware to let them know that lying is not cool, you can read that on the next page.

I had to take a few guesses at an email address that might work since their too chicken to put a contact address on either their US or UK sites, suppose that shows that they expect to be in-undated with complaint emails which would probably crash their own shitty internal wireless network. For now I’m going to throw all these useless wireless cards into my big box o crap tech. In the future, hopefully it will all merge into an Akira style abomination that will go from company to company, to the beast this being from parent to parent wrecking everything it sees¬†?

To: support@belkin.com; info@belkin.com; technical@belkin.com; admin@belkin.com; customerservices@belkin.com; support@belkin.co.uk; info@belkin.co.uk; sales@belkin.co.uk; sales@belkin.com; technical@belkin.co.uk; complaints@belkin.com; complaints@belkin.co.uk

Subject: Thanks for the wireless network

Hi, I’d just like to say thanks for sucking my life away over the past two months. I’ve bought three of your F5D7000 wireless network cards and I have to admit they suck royally. I wish I’d used the money in a better way such as buying a knife to continuously stab myself in the leg with which would of been less painful than all the prancing about I’ve had to do with your crappy hardware. They constantly lie to me which I take as Belkin lying to me by saying that I’m “Connected” with a “Good” reception when in reality I’m NOT connected and I have a proper wank reception. You must think your customers are all idiots if you think such blatant lies can go un-noticed. I can sit my machine right next to the wireless router and it will continue the charade of telling me I’m connected when in fact I’m not. I’m not some ignorant non-tech so I know how to set up my network and PCs. I’d always shied away from wireless as it seemed a bit gimmicky but then I thought hmmmm all the major brands are doing it and its been out for quite a while now so why not and so i specifically went out looking for Belkin products as I thought you where a decent company. Now I think your lying scum and I hope who ever came in one morning and said “Hey guys n girls, I have a great idea, lets sell off loads of these shit wireless devices”, I hope that person has a heart attack and while their lying in their cushy hospital bed that was paid for by suckers like me that they look over and see a Belkin wireless attenna sticking out of the bedside heart monitor. then we’ll see how funny it is when it says “Connected”, “Patient is AOK” when in fact he is gripped in agony as his dark evil little life is sucked down into hell where it belongs. heres hoping you have lots of bare ethernet cables running across your stairs and that you all trip and fall down like a stack of dominoes and wipe out the entire Belkin klan. I’m going to warn all my clients about how shoddy your company is and recommend that they look anywhere but Belkin when they next need hardware.

-An enlightened ex-customer

ps. it only took 5 reconnects to get this email sent WOW must be a good day

Coincidentally, the wireless network has dropped and reconnected just over 5 times while I’ve been typing this post up. pure shite.

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  • Anonymous

    woohoo all re-wired, still gotta rip the wireless cards out but for now their disabled which is greatly satisfying.

  • TipperGore

    They should have stuck to cables and anti-surge multiplugs . Geez their gonna be making RAID cards next.:crazy:

  • Smith6612

    gosh, it sounds like your wireless really gave you probs. I havn’t had probs like that with mine, but it sounds like you should’ve gotten a faster and better (more expensive) router. But anyways, you must’ve beeen furious at them!

  • Anonymous

    hmmm well I figure theres a point where you just have to decide that throwing money in the fire is a total waste of time. What would you class as “faster and better and more expensive”?

    I got through two BT Home Hubs which cost about

  • Smith6612

    By good, I mean the Linksys SRX 400. It’s what I have. The thing goes liek five houses away and I can still get a nice signal, it kicks up a 108MB Wireless connection, which is MUCH MUCH faster than wired ethernet.

    I use my Wireless connection for File transfers between the network comps, remote connecitng to the server and kids computer (for tune ups and tot spy on the kids LOL) probing my network for users other than my comps (i let people on) gaming, LAN gaming, streaming things online, downloading things such as 20MB e-mail attachments, uploading data to my website’s FTP server at 1.5MB (1500k) a second, and all sorts of high end stuff. I’m able to do all of this even when my signal’s at 20% 5 houses away.

    My network has NEVER given me any probs what so ever, no matter how much bandwidth I use up of the wired ethernet, of my internet, or of my wireless bandwidth. The speed stays the same. That thing acts as if I was on my wired portion of my Home network

  • Smith6612

    Ooopps…. have no way to edit abovew comment…

    I would prefer the ones that your router’s comany recomends. It’s what I use on my Linsys SRX 400. I used the exact card that works with my router and it works great. But following with my above comment, it could be your wireless along with possibly the way your house it…. and clouds over ur house=crap out? I dont have that prob. In fact, I even run my wireless card on my laptop during thunderstorms and it doesn’t affect my 108MB speed nor my range, no matter how far away from the router I am… unless i’m actually out of range, then that’s different.

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