TortoiseSVN Visual Studio Express Edition Integration

I’ve been searching for a while on how to integrate TortoiseSVN, my favorite source control system with the C# Visual Studio Express edition IDE. Tonight I came across Garry Bodsworths blog post that details how to integrate the two.

The process is very simple. He provides a downloadable settings file that you import into Visual Studio. His blog post specifies it’s for the C++ Express IDE but I used it with the C# Express IDE with no problems. I just did the Visual Studio Express Service Pack 1 install earlier tonight and his config file update works with that as well.

To import the file click Tools->Import and Export Settings and then follow the prompts until it asks you for the file path. Navigate to the unzipped config file and then continue.

One thing to note is that when you import the file there are three exclamation points in the checkbox list. Just tick all three and it will work fine. Otherwise the Subversion menu option will be there but you can’t click it and none of the context menu options will show up.

Took me ages to find an easy solution like this so hopefully this post will guide many others along the way.

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