Flash FLVPlayback Seperate Play and Pause Buttons

I’m working on a custom skin for the FLVPlayback component. The design requires a play button with a pause button next to it at all times. All the provided skins use the dual PlayPauseButton system. That’s where you have a play button and no pause button. When you press play it switches to become the pause button. Then when you pause it returns to being the play button. The Adobe LiveDocs say:

If you want to have separate Play and Pause buttons, rather than a combined Play-Pause button, simply place the play_mc and pause_mc clips on the Stage without wrapping them with a playpause_mc clip.

The actual process is this:

  • Delete the playpause_mc instance off the stage altogether
  • Drop an instance of your play button and an instance of your pause button in it’s place
  • Inside the AllLayout clip place your play and pause buttons as you want them to appear
  • Now here’s the critical part. Make sure to give them the instance names play_mc and pause_mc
  • If you don’t do the last step then the skin won’t show up at all when you view the actual FLVPlayer, it will look fine when you preview the skin though
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