Kicked out of Karate

Today I got permanently kicked out of both my Karate and Kickboxing classes. On Sunday we were sparring in the boxing ring and I ducked under Gareth’s right punch and came back with a right hook to the body. I think the fact that he was punching down towards my head and I was punching up towards his body meant the punch got more juice than it was supposed to. The end result is that I broke a few of his ribs. To make matters worse his son was ringside urging his dad on so I think that deflated the sons opinion of his dad somewhat considering he’s about a foot and a half taller than lil’ ol me 😊

Tonight I got called up by our teacher who said that Gareth had called a few of the others at the class and that they decided to boycott the class if I was there i.e. if I go then they won’t. I think that was rather shit of them since we had a good half a lesson after sparring and everyone seemed fine. I’m ticked that they couldn’t say it to my face either then or this Sunday. I don’t really see how doing a backstab vote like that can help restore his manliness in his sons eyes.

The thing that takes the piss is that in my first fight of the morning I said I only wanted to do body shots with my first opponent since I didn’t want to hurt him due to his new braces. I was told that we’re there to fight and that if I didn’t want to do it properly then I should get out of the ring. Surely if I was such a menace I would of just gone straight in and pummelled his face with no reservations.

“You’ve outgrown the class” is what I was told in the end which I think is true. I have decent morals and always prefer to do things face to face and in the open. Cowards have backroom votes that give the defendant no chance to defend themselves. It’s clear I’ve surpassed them in fighting as well as in moral standing. I hope they have fun in their keep fit class.

-Sayonara Tora Te Karate

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