Vista VPN == Slow Net Access

I use a VPN connection to access a remote network. I noticed that whilst connected the speed of browsing sites became incredibly slow. A quick tracert shows that all my network traffic is routed through the VPN connection. The reason for this is that as default new VPN connections in Vista are set to use the gateway on the VPN if it’s connected. This is really easy to change:

  • Head to Start Menu/Settings/Network Connections
  • Right click the VPN connection and choose Properties
  • Select the Networking tab and then the IP v6 item and Properties
  • On the new popup click Advanced and then on the IP Settings tab untick the “Use default gateway on remote network” box
  • Repeat the last two steps for the IP v4 item
  • Now click OK to close the VPN properties panel and give it a go

The connection should now use your normal gateway for all net based activity. A quick tracert will tell you for sure:


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  • Peter Bryant
    Peter Bryant

    I was having problems with vista VPN and searched high and low to find out why. This soultion fixed the problem in seconds, thanks.

  • Sergio Bartolom
    Sergio Bartolom

    Thanks, this solution fixed broken navegation problems i was having when establishing vpn connection under vista home premium (32 bits).

  • Whitney

    I seem to have the same problem, but can’t find “Use default gateway on remote network box” on my IP Settings tab. I am running Vista Ultimate. I am desperate to a solution to this problem, so any help is much appreciated!

  • Anonymous

    Make sure you are looking at the IP properties panel that you access by right clicking the VPN connection. You don’t get the option on the panel from right clicking your actual network connection.

  • John Martin
    John Martin

    Icannot find the option mentioned above on my windows7 netbook,
    any ideas

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I don’t have Windows7 but I found this page when I googled “Windows7 VPN Gateway”:

    In case that link goes down here’s a copy and paste of the answer (although you miss out on screenshots):

    1. Opening properties for the VPN connection
    2. Clicking the networking tab
    3. Selecting Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and clicking properties
    4. Click advanced button
    5. On the IP Settings tab, turned off Use Default Gateway on Remote Network.
    6. On the WINS tab, entered the IP addresses of our WINS servers in the office

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