My House Was Burgled

Today my house was burgled. They stole my brand new 50″ TV and my kinda new XBox Elite, joypad and a few games and movies. They also stole the boxes for both the TV and XBox which serves me right for keeping them! I’m rather pissed off that they did it in broad daylight. The police man who came to investigate said he’d never heard of a burglar taking a TV and leaving all the Christmas presents under the tree. He went on to say how that was really suspicious and that he doesn’t think he can give me a crime ID to claim it back on insurance. In other words he thinks I orchastrated the theft. I can see that it’s his job to be suspicous but since I am totaly innocent in this event I’m going to be very upset if he doesn’t actually give me the ID tomorrow. It’s like I’m being punished for the real thieves choice in “free gifts”.

Called up Microsoft via the XBox Lives “Contact Us” page and after 20 minutes of talking had the XBox cancelled and my account suspended. They also removed my bank details from their system. Not sure what the point of that is if they suspended my account. I’m a bit iffed because I don’t know whether I stored my card details on the XBox. I know I paid for my XBox Live subscription with my card via the XBox. Meh, nothing I can do about that now. The XBox guy gave me a code so that when I get my replacement XBox I can call them up and have my account re-activated.

It’s a wee bit unnerving that they left everything else even though I know they looked in other rooms, did they leave it all because they wanted the TV specifically or did they leave it all because they’re planning on coming back in the future? ooooo Paranoia!

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