Vista Cannot Access XP Network Shares

So today I decided to unplug the LED cable for my cases power switch; ASUS have consistantly sucked at fixing a bug in their 3rd Eye motherboards bios that means the LED flashes continuously when in standby mode. The bios option to disable this behaviour only works the first time standby mode is activated. After that it pulses every time. After I did that and re-plugged in the machine I was hit with the “You’re bios has been wiped, please enter all your settings again” scenario, another great stride for ASUS. After all of that hassle I get back into Vista and try to access one of my network shares. “Your account has been locked and/or you do not have the appropriate privileges, please contact the network administrator”, WTF!!?

I log into the server and see that my account has indeed been locked. I unlocked it and checked out the event viewer. I’ve got about 100 “Failure Audits”, generally in pairs of these:

// 1st Event Type
Logon account:  [removed for posting]
Source Workstation: [removed for posting]
Error Code: 0xC000006A

// 2nd Event Type
Logon Failure:
Reason:		Unknown user name or bad password
User Name:	[removed for posting]
Domain:		[removed for posting]
Logon Type:	3
Logon Process:	NtLmSsp 
Workstation Name:	[removed for posting]

Totally unsure what is going on I tried manually logging in with the account and it worked. Back to my Vista machine and try that again. Back to square one “We don’t much like your type ’round ‘ere”. Off I go on a mad “the damn servers been hacked” binge of reviewing all the security and application settings. Nothing. Server seems a-ok. Back to Vista, pull it apart, nothing seems to be amiss.

Then I notice the time says it’s 13:24 and not 12:24. Open up the time panel and it states the date is 2nd August 2009. Set it back to todays date and the correct time and then restarted. It’s back to friggin August again. Restart and go into the bios and it seems to of randomly changed the date after I set it post “bios blanking” earlier on. I know I set it right because I checked it against my radiowave clock thing on the wall. So I set it again, went back into Vista and set the time correctly again, then restarted. Upon reboot I was instantly able to access the network shares again. So yay for me, I “only” lost half a day, boo for my poor keyboard that I snapped with an angry punch earlier on, and mega boo for ASUS who will never extract money from me again. ASUS motherboards are ultra shit and their support team are wankers.

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