Six Digital Media Awards

So the prestigious Digital Media Awards were held last night, six entries, six first place wins. Very pleased. I developed the more complex ActionScript for all the eDetails and the Virtual Clinic project used my ActionScript framework for the Flash side. Obviously I didn’t do all the work myself, all the content and design work was handled by other people Team Flash FTW!

The same agency was behind all three ‘best of the best’ award winners and it was easy to pick out Manchester-based outfit Creative Lynx’s table, which was quite literally piled high with awards.

Prizes were split across four categories: education/clinical benefit, promotional use, technology and the premier awards, which picked an overall winner from each of the three categories.

Here are the ones we won:

Education/clinical benefit

  • Best offline project for healthcare professionals: Novartis – Virtual clinic (Creative Lynx)
  • Best digital tool for clinical or practical benefit: Novartis – Virtual clinic (Creative Lynx)

Promotional use

  • Best rep-led digital selling tool: Janssen-Cilag – Concerta XL e-detail (Creative Lynx)

Premier awards

  • Best integrated campaign: Janssen-Cilag – Concerta XL brand revitalization (Creative Lynx)
  • Best educational solution: Novartis – Virtual clinic (Creative Lynx)
  • Best promotional solution: Janssen-Cilag – Concerta XLe-detail (Creative Lynx)
Comments: None so the first!

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