Sky HD Hidden Service Menu

The other day my satelite dish went on the fritz and I had to call Sky to sort it out. Turns out the simple fix in the end was to unplug the box from the mains and then plug it back in. The operator told me that sometimes when switching channels the LNB on the dish can get locked in the transition. Sounds a bit flimsy to me but whatever, it worked.

During the call though the first thing he did was guide me to the hidden service menu. This is for the Sky Amstrad HD box, it’s a different code then with the non-HD box. To get to the hidden menu press Services on the remote, then press 0 0 1 Select. You should now see all the new menu options. I haven’t really looked at any of them as I was being guided on the phone at the time. I just thought someone else may like to have a look around sometime. I will the next time I’m watching TV and it hits the adverts.

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