Microsoft Action Pack Development and Design

I work as a limited company consisting of just myself. I work in partnership with a few other companies were we work together on a daily basis but we still invoice each other for various tasks. As I’m such a small company (less than 100 people) and I’m working in IT that qualifies me for the Microsoft Action Pack Development and Design. What is that? Well it’s a well cool way of me getting all the latest MS applications for a slim shave of the full price. I just paid £360ish (inc VAT) for access to the downloadable version. I have to pay that each year or whatever the renewel fee is. As new software gets released the package is updated so it means I’ll always have the latest stuff.

The main things I’m interested in it for are Windows 7 Ultimate, Visual Studio 2010 and Office 2010. Just those alone come to around £1500 so I’m saving loads by using the action pack.

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