Music To Your Ears – All My Phone Ringtones

I get a kick from making ringtones and notification sounds and my friends seem to enjoy them as well. I had an accident and deleted a bunch of them a few weeks ago and since then I’ve played with the idea of putting them all online so that I can have a live backup of them all. I’m hoping you will enjoy them as much as I do. I’ll keep updating the post as I make new ones.

I should point out that I haven’t made any of these from scratch, some are presented in their entirety whilst others I’ve chopped down to make more suitable for their new purpose. If anyone has a problem with me sharing them then let me know and I can take down the offending tune.

Ring Tones

Blur – Advert With Bass.wav
Blur – Advert.wav
Doctor P – Tetris Original.mp3
Doctor P – Tetris.mp3
Doctor P – Tetris.wav
Family Guy – I Like Farts – Short.ogg
Family Guy – I Like Farts – Short.wav
Family Guy – I Like Farts.ogg
Family Guy – I Like Farts.wav
Family Guy – Its Quagmire.mp3
Family Guy – Peanut Butter Jelly Time Tune.mp3
Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince – The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Intro.ogg
Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince – The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.ogg
Johnny Douglas – Dungeons and Dragons.mp3
Lipps Inc – Funky Town.mp3
Lipps Inc – Funky Town.wav
Monkey Island – Banjo Loop.wav
Muppet Show – Mana Mana Song Original Short.ogg
Muppet Show – Mana Mana Song Original.mp3
Muppet Show – Mana Mana Song Original.ogg
Old Dirty Bastard – Shimmy Shimmy Ya.wav
Old Dirty Bastard – Shmmy Shimmy Ya.ogg
Oompa Loompa Song 1.mid
RType – Super v2.mid
Sonic – Sky Base.mid
Sonic 2 – Invincibility.mid
Sonic Chaos – Intro.mid
Sonic Chaos – Invincibility.mid
Star Wars – Cantina Tune.mp3
Super Mario Brothers – Theme 2.mid
Teen Titans.mid
The Curse Of Monkey Island – A Pirate I Was Meant To Be.mid
The Godfather.mp3
The Grand Duel – Parte Prima.mp3
The Secrect Of Monkey Island – Chuck.mid
The Secrect Of Monkey Island – Lechuck.mid
Wonder Boy – Invincible.mid
Wonder Boy – Round.mid
X-Men – X-Men Cartoon Guitar Solo Version.mp3
X-Men – X-Men Cartoon Guitar Solo Version.ogg
X-Men – X-Men Cartoon Metal Version.mp3
X-Men – X-Men Cartoon Metal Version.ogg


Aliens – Game Over Man.wav
Back To The Future Horn And Strings.mp3
Back To The Future Horn.mp3
Back To The Future Jingle.mp3
Back To The Future Wind.mp3
Batman – Horn Tune.wav
Batman – Riddler Laugh.wav
Battlestar Galactica – Starbucks Piano Riff.mp3
Battlestar Galactica – Starbucks Piano Riff.ogg
Bill And Ted – 69 Dudes.mp3
Bill And Ted – Dude.mp3
Bill And Ted – Excellent With Riff.mp3
Bill And Ted – Excellent.mp3
Bill And Ted – Riff.mp3
Dragonball Z – Goku Kamehameha.mp3
Dukes of Hazard – Dixie Horn.wav
Family Guy – Giggitygiggitygoo.mp3
Family Guy – Its Quagmire Short.mp3
Family Guy – Peanut Butter Jelly Time.mp3
Gears Of War – Cog Tag Collected.ogg
Gears Of War – Completed.ogg
Gears Of War – Guitar Riff.ogg
Gears Of War – Objective.ogg
Gears Of War – Stage Start.ogg
Left 4 Dead – Boomer.wav
Monkey Island – Banjo Riff 1 Fast.wav
Monkey Island – Banjo Riff 1.wav
Monkey Island – Banjo Riff 2 Fast.wav
Monkey Island – Banjo Riff 2.wav
Monkey Island – Banjo Riff 3.wav
Monkey Island 2 – Chapter Tune.mid
Muppet Show – Mana Mana Song Original Short.ogg
MW2 – Continue.mid
RType – Over v2.mid
Shinobi – Complete.mid
Sonic – Death.mid
Sonic – Emerald.mid
Sonic – Start.mid
Sonic 2 – Complete.mid
Sonic 2 – Emerald.mid
Sonic Chaos – Death.mid
Sonic Chaos – Got Emerald.mid
Sonic Chaos – Rocket Shoes.mid
Sonic Chaos – Try Again.mid
Sonic Chaos – Unused.mid
Star Trek – Door Chime.mp3
Star Trek Next Generation – Door Chime.mp3
The Trashmen – Surfin Bird – Everybodys Heard.mp3
The Trashmen – Surfin Bird – Mow Mow.mp3
Thundercats – Danger Score Short.wav
Thundercats – Danger Score.wav
Thundercats – Forever.wav
Thundercats – Ho.wav
Thundercats – Mumm-Ra Transformation.wav
Thundercats – Sight Beyond Sight.wav
Thundercats – Sword Danger Full.wav
Thundercats – Sword Danger Short.wav
Thundercats – Sword Danger.wav
Thundercats – Thundertank.wav
Wilhelm Scream.wav
Wonder Boy – Continue.mid
Wonder Boy – Death.mid
Wonder Boy – Unused 3.mid
Wonder Boy 2 – Round Clear.mid
X-Men – X-Men Cartoon Mario Paint Version Ending.mp3
X-Men – X-Men Cartoon Mario Paint Version Ending.ogg
X-Men – X-Men Cartoon Mario Paint Version.mp3
X-Men – X-Men Cartoon Mario Paint Version.ogg
X-Men – X-Men Cartoon Short.mp3
X-Men – X-Men Guitar Solo Ending.mp3
X-Men – X-Men Guitar Solo Ending.ogg
X-Men – X-Men Guitar Solo.mp3
X-Men – X-Men Guitar Solo.ogg
Yo Gabba Gabba Party In My Tummy – Green Beans.mp3

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  • Anonymous

    I added a few more notification sounds and updated some of the old ones by giving them a louder volume:

    The Trashmen – Surfin Bird – Everybodys Heard
    The Trashmen – Surfin Bird – Mow Mow
    Family Guy – It’s Quagmire
    Family Guy – Its Quagmire Short
    Family Guy – Giggitygiggitygoo
    Star Wars – Cantina Tune

    Star Trek – Door Chime
    Bill And Ted – Riff
    Bill And Ted – Excellent With Riff
    Bill And Ted – Excellent
    Bill And Ted – Dude
    Bill And Ted – 69 Dudes
    Back To The Future Wind
    Back To The Future Jingle
    Back To The Future Horn And Strings
    Back To The Future Horn
    The Godfather

  • Anonymous

    Added a bunch of Thundercats notification sounds. These are a mix of youtube video rips and some I made myself from old videos. I edited them all into WAV format and removed any leading and trailing silence, also gave a few more elegant fade outs so they don’t appear to end so abruptly.

    Thundercats – Danger Score
    Thundercats – Danger Score Short
    Thundercats – Forever
    Thundercats – Ho
    Thundercats – Mumm-Ra Transformation
    Thundercats – Sight Beyond Sight
    Thundercats – Sword Danger
    Thundercats – Sword Danger Full
    Thundercats – Sword Danger Short
    Thundercats – Thundertank

  • Anonymous

    Finally found the tune I made my original Blur ring tone from. The non bass version used to be my main ringtone until it got accidentally deleted. Had to listen to every album until I found the track I snipped it from. As expected it was the very last album I listened to!

    Blur – Advert
    Blur – Advert With Bass

  • Anonymous

    Added four new notifications.

    Aliens – Game Over Man (might need to tweak the volume on this one of just get a better clip)
    Batman – Horn Tune – this is the riff that plays when cutting to a different scene. Wanted to make this one for a while now.
    Batman – Riddler Laugh
    Duke of Hazrd – Dixie Horn – another that I used to have but accidentally deleted. Found the original version online and did a bit of cleanup so it has a smoother intro and outro.

  • Anonymous

    Added some new Monkey Island based notifications and a nice loop for a ring tone. Made them all from the youtube video Banjo Video – 6 Licks From the Monkey Island 3 Banjo Duel by Steven Studberg I got the idea to use the banjo tune the other day when I was playing Bad Company 2 with the Deliverence soundtrack on in the background. After a bit of searching for game sound files I tried youtube and that was definitely the best video.

    Ring Tones
    Monkey Island – Banjo Loop

    Monkey Island – Banjo Riff 1
    Monkey Island – Banjo Riff 1 Fast
    Monkey Island – Banjo Riff 2
    Monkey Island – Banjo Riff 2 Fast
    Monkey Island – Banjo Riff 3

  • Anonymous

    Added Gears Of War notification sounds including the guitar riff you hear when you finish killing all the enemies in a stage. Got these by using oggextract with the Music_Stingers.upk file from the game installation.

    Gears Of War – Cog Tag Collected
    Gears Of War – Completed
    Gears Of War – Guitar Riff
    Gears Of War – Objective
    Gears Of War – Stage Start

  • Anonymous

    Added loads today, pretty much doubled the number of ringtones as well as added a new bunch of notifications. So many of both that I’m not even going to list them. There are a few that need credit though so I’ll list those ones with links to the sources.

    Oompa Loompa Song 1
    Battlestar Galactica – Starbucks Piano Riff – By Bear McCreary – “Kara Remembers”
    X-Men Mario Paint version
    X-Men Guitar Solo
    X-Men Metal Group

You’re in a desert, walking along in the sand when all of a sudden you look down and see a tortoise, Leon. It’s crawling toward you. You reach down and you flip the tortoise over on its back, Leon. The tortoise lays on its back, its belly baking in the hot sun, beating its legs trying to turn itself over but it can’t. Not without your help. But you’re not helping. I mean you’re not helping! Why is that, Leon?

— Holden, Blade Runner