Music To Your Ears – All My Phone Ringtones

I get a kick from making ringtones and notification sounds and my friends seem to enjoy them as well. I had an accident and deleted a bunch of them a few weeks ago and since then I’ve played with the idea of putting them all online so that I can have a live backup of them all. I’m hoping you will enjoy them as much as I do. I’ll keep updating the post as I make new ones.

I should point out that I haven’t made any of these from scratch, some are presented in their entirety whilst others I’ve chopped down to make more suitable for their new purpose. If anyone has a problem with me sharing them then let me know and I can take down the offending tune.

Ring Tones

Blur – Advert With Bass.wav
Blur – Advert.wav
Doctor P – Tetris Original.mp3
Doctor P – Tetris.mp3
Doctor P – Tetris.wav
Family Guy – I Like Farts – Short.ogg
Family Guy – I Like Farts – Short.wav
Family Guy – I Like Farts.ogg
Family Guy – I Like Farts.wav
Family Guy – Its Quagmire.mp3
Family Guy – Peanut Butter Jelly Time Tune.mp3
Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince – The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Intro.ogg
Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince – The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.ogg
Johnny Douglas – Dungeons and Dragons.mp3
Lipps Inc – Funky Town.mp3
Lipps Inc – Funky Town.wav
Monkey Island – Banjo Loop.wav
Muppet Show – Mana Mana Song Original Short.ogg
Muppet Show – Mana Mana Song Original.mp3
Muppet Show – Mana Mana Song Original.ogg
Old Dirty Bastard – Shimmy Shimmy Ya.wav
Old Dirty Bastard – Shmmy Shimmy Ya.ogg
Oompa Loompa Song 1.mid
RType – Super v2.mid
Sonic – Sky Base.mid
Sonic 2 – Invincibility.mid
Sonic Chaos – Intro.mid
Sonic Chaos – Invincibility.mid
Star Wars – Cantina Tune.mp3
Super Mario Brothers – Theme 2.mid
Teen Titans.mid
The Curse Of Monkey Island – A Pirate I Was Meant To Be.mid
The Godfather.mp3
The Grand Duel – Parte Prima.mp3
The Secrect Of Monkey Island – Chuck.mid
The Secrect Of Monkey Island – Lechuck.mid
Wonder Boy – Invincible.mid
Wonder Boy – Round.mid
X-Men – X-Men Cartoon Guitar Solo Version.mp3
X-Men – X-Men Cartoon Guitar Solo Version.ogg
X-Men – X-Men Cartoon Metal Version.mp3
X-Men – X-Men Cartoon Metal Version.ogg


Aliens – Game Over Man.wav
Back To The Future Horn And Strings.mp3
Back To The Future Horn.mp3
Back To The Future Jingle.mp3
Back To The Future Wind.mp3
Batman – Horn Tune.wav
Batman – Riddler Laugh.wav
Battlestar Galactica – Starbucks Piano Riff.mp3
Battlestar Galactica – Starbucks Piano Riff.ogg
Bill And Ted – 69 Dudes.mp3
Bill And Ted – Dude.mp3
Bill And Ted – Excellent With Riff.mp3
Bill And Ted – Excellent.mp3
Bill And Ted – Riff.mp3
Dragonball Z – Goku Kamehameha.mp3
Dukes of Hazard – Dixie Horn.wav
Family Guy – Giggitygiggitygoo.mp3
Family Guy – Its Quagmire Short.mp3
Family Guy – Peanut Butter Jelly Time.mp3
Gears Of War – Cog Tag Collected.ogg
Gears Of War – Completed.ogg
Gears Of War – Guitar Riff.ogg
Gears Of War – Objective.ogg
Gears Of War – Stage Start.ogg
Left 4 Dead – Boomer.wav
Monkey Island – Banjo Riff 1 Fast.wav
Monkey Island – Banjo Riff 1.wav
Monkey Island – Banjo Riff 2 Fast.wav
Monkey Island – Banjo Riff 2.wav
Monkey Island – Banjo Riff 3.wav
Monkey Island 2 – Chapter Tune.mid
Muppet Show – Mana Mana Song Original Short.ogg
MW2 – Continue.mid
RType – Over v2.mid
Shinobi – Complete.mid
Sonic – Death.mid
Sonic – Emerald.mid
Sonic – Start.mid
Sonic 2 – Complete.mid
Sonic 2 – Emerald.mid
Sonic Chaos – Death.mid
Sonic Chaos – Got Emerald.mid
Sonic Chaos – Rocket Shoes.mid
Sonic Chaos – Try Again.mid
Sonic Chaos – Unused.mid
Star Trek – Door Chime.mp3
Star Trek Next Generation – Door Chime.mp3
The Trashmen – Surfin Bird – Everybodys Heard.mp3
The Trashmen – Surfin Bird – Mow Mow.mp3
Thundercats – Danger Score Short.wav
Thundercats – Danger Score.wav
Thundercats – Forever.wav
Thundercats – Ho.wav
Thundercats – Mumm-Ra Transformation.wav
Thundercats – Sight Beyond Sight.wav
Thundercats – Sword Danger Full.wav
Thundercats – Sword Danger Short.wav
Thundercats – Sword Danger.wav
Thundercats – Thundertank.wav
Wilhelm Scream.wav
Wonder Boy – Continue.mid
Wonder Boy – Death.mid
Wonder Boy – Unused 3.mid
Wonder Boy 2 – Round Clear.mid
X-Men – X-Men Cartoon Mario Paint Version Ending.mp3
X-Men – X-Men Cartoon Mario Paint Version Ending.ogg
X-Men – X-Men Cartoon Mario Paint Version.mp3
X-Men – X-Men Cartoon Mario Paint Version.ogg
X-Men – X-Men Cartoon Short.mp3
X-Men – X-Men Guitar Solo Ending.mp3
X-Men – X-Men Guitar Solo Ending.ogg
X-Men – X-Men Guitar Solo.mp3
X-Men – X-Men Guitar Solo.ogg
Yo Gabba Gabba Party In My Tummy – Green Beans.mp3

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  • Anonymous

    I added a few more notification sounds and updated some of the old ones by giving them a louder volume:

    The Trashmen – Surfin Bird – Everybodys Heard
    The Trashmen – Surfin Bird – Mow Mow
    Family Guy – It’s Quagmire
    Family Guy – Its Quagmire Short
    Family Guy – Giggitygiggitygoo
    Star Wars – Cantina Tune

    Star Trek – Door Chime
    Bill And Ted – Riff
    Bill And Ted – Excellent With Riff
    Bill And Ted – Excellent
    Bill And Ted – Dude
    Bill And Ted – 69 Dudes
    Back To The Future Wind
    Back To The Future Jingle
    Back To The Future Horn And Strings
    Back To The Future Horn
    The Godfather

  • Anonymous

    Added a bunch of Thundercats notification sounds. These are a mix of youtube video rips and some I made myself from old videos. I edited them all into WAV format and removed any leading and trailing silence, also gave a few more elegant fade outs so they don’t appear to end so abruptly.

    Thundercats – Danger Score
    Thundercats – Danger Score Short
    Thundercats – Forever
    Thundercats – Ho
    Thundercats – Mumm-Ra Transformation
    Thundercats – Sight Beyond Sight
    Thundercats – Sword Danger
    Thundercats – Sword Danger Full
    Thundercats – Sword Danger Short
    Thundercats – Thundertank

  • Anonymous

    Finally found the tune I made my original Blur ring tone from. The non bass version used to be my main ringtone until it got accidentally deleted. Had to listen to every album until I found the track I snipped it from. As expected it was the very last album I listened to!

    Blur – Advert
    Blur – Advert With Bass

  • Anonymous

    Added four new notifications.

    Aliens – Game Over Man (might need to tweak the volume on this one of just get a better clip)
    Batman – Horn Tune – this is the riff that plays when cutting to a different scene. Wanted to make this one for a while now.
    Batman – Riddler Laugh
    Duke of Hazrd – Dixie Horn – another that I used to have but accidentally deleted. Found the original version online and did a bit of cleanup so it has a smoother intro and outro.

  • Anonymous

    Added some new Monkey Island based notifications and a nice loop for a ring tone. Made them all from the youtube video Banjo Video – 6 Licks From the Monkey Island 3 Banjo Duel by Steven Studberg I got the idea to use the banjo tune the other day when I was playing Bad Company 2 with the Deliverence soundtrack on in the background. After a bit of searching for game sound files I tried youtube and that was definitely the best video.

    Ring Tones
    Monkey Island – Banjo Loop

    Monkey Island – Banjo Riff 1
    Monkey Island – Banjo Riff 1 Fast
    Monkey Island – Banjo Riff 2
    Monkey Island – Banjo Riff 2 Fast
    Monkey Island – Banjo Riff 3

  • Anonymous

    Added Gears Of War notification sounds including the guitar riff you hear when you finish killing all the enemies in a stage. Got these by using oggextract with the Music_Stingers.upk file from the game installation.

    Gears Of War – Cog Tag Collected
    Gears Of War – Completed
    Gears Of War – Guitar Riff
    Gears Of War – Objective
    Gears Of War – Stage Start

  • Anonymous

    Added loads today, pretty much doubled the number of ringtones as well as added a new bunch of notifications. So many of both that I’m not even going to list them. There are a few that need credit though so I’ll list those ones with links to the sources.

    Oompa Loompa Song 1
    Battlestar Galactica – Starbucks Piano Riff – By Bear McCreary – “Kara Remembers”
    X-Men Mario Paint version
    X-Men Guitar Solo
    X-Men Metal Group

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