Old Site Content Imported

It took me ages but I finally managed to pull out all the old content from the blog and wiki systems. Now I just have to go through the 200+ pages and 400+ comments, giving them the once over before making each one live.

So all the big complicated jobs have been done, now it’s just a case of a few big repetitive boring jobs so another 2-3 weeks. Then I can spend some time polishing the site theme off.

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The War Master comes knocking at our gates. You are the vanguard, your body its bricks, your blood its mortar. Hold fast for as long as you can. I honour you each and every one for your sacrifice. Praetorians all, your names shall live on into eternity. Man the last gate and do it with defiance in your hearts and a clenched fist. Give the arch traitor nothing but make him pay for every meter with blood. We stand as one, unified in purpose. In the Emperors name and for all Terra, hold.

— Rogal Dorn, Horus Heresy: The Gates of Terra