Noctua Fan Resistor Ohms

Working on a hardware problem and I had to find the ohms (Ω) for the various Noctua Fan Resistors.  Found everything I needed but didn’t see a single source for them all so thought it might help others if I compiled it all into one place:

  • Classic Black LNA 50Ω (source)
  • Classic Blue ULNA 81Ω (source)
  • NA-RC6 81.4Ω (source)
  • NA-RC7 50Ω (source)
  • NA-RC8 150Ω (source is an email reply to me from Noctua: “the NA-RC8 is a 150 Ohms ressistor”)
  • NA-RC9 100Ω (source)
  • NA-RC10 51Ω (source)
  • NA-RC11 98Ω (source)
  • NA-RC12 147.5Ω (source)
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  • Scott Harrison, MD
    Scott Harrison, MD

    All Noctua adapters resistor values:


    3-pin blue was a higher value resistor (81 ohm ULNA) than the black (51 ohm LNA).
    The color coding was from early on, and Noctua later changed to all black.

    RC7 LNA 51 Ohm (when there was black or blue, it was black) Drops 12V to about 8.5 V
    NA-RC10 51 Ohm LNA 3-wire (info from a non-Noctua enthusiast who measured it personally)
    Can buy “NA-SRC10”, a set of 3 NA-RC10 51 Ohm 3-wire adapters.
    RC6 ULNA 81 Ohm (when there was black or blue, it was blue) Drops 12V to about 7.3 V
    NA-RC12 150 Ohm 3-wire 147.5 Ohm measured by a non-Noctua enthusiast.


    NA-SRC7 is a set of 3 NA-RC7 51 Ohm 4-wire adapters (info from Noctua directly)
    NA-RC7 51 Ohm 4-wire (info from Noctua directly, and a non-Noctua source measured 50 Ohm)
    NA-RC6 81 Ohm 4-wire (info from Noctua directly, and a non-Noctua source measured 80 Ohm)
    NA-RC9 100 Ohm 4-wire (info from Noctua directly, and also measured by non-Noctua source)
    NA-RC8 150 Ohm 4-wire (info from Noctua directly)

  • Julien

    2021 update:

    The new NA-RC14 which is the Low Noise Adapter supplied with the NH-U12A and NF-A12x25 measures 27 Ohm

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