Tip For W10 Missing Windows

I run Windows 10 with a 3 monitor setup and occasional I get the problem that one of my open program will show up in the taskbar but if I click to focus on nothing will seem to happen. If I do alt-tab I will see it in the list with the thumbnail showing just a title bar and buttons with no visible area below it. Even if I select that then nothing will appear.

What has been happening is that programs have somehow become resized to the point they are not visible!

The trick to get them back to normal is:

  • Select the program in the taskbar so it has focus
  • Press alt-space
  • Select Maximise from the menu that opens
  • The program will appear full screen (you’re not done yet!)
  • Drag the title bar to make it a smaller window
  • It will return to being a floating title bar with no content so now you can drag the bottom right corner of that to expand it again
  • That’s all there is to it

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