Solving Netgear RAX120 BT Freezing Problem

Recently we switched to using a Netgear RAX120 router with a separate modem to get the most from our BT Broadband connection. Initially everything seemed great but the next morning the RAX120 was inaccessible via WiFi or Ethernet. A power button restart got it up and running again but the log was empty as it gets erased during bootup. The same thing happened three mornings in a row. After the third time my hunch was that something was timing out due to inactivity so I had another dig through the settings and solved the problem:

  • Login to router admin
  • On the Basic tab click Internet
  • Scroll down to Connection Mode and choose Dial on Demand.
  • Set “Idle Timeout(In Minutes)” to 99999
  • Click Apply

The RAX120 freezing problem has not happened again in the weeks since I made the change and we’ve not had any other problems.

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