WMDC 6.1 Hates Outlook 2010 64bit

So I finished with the Microsoft Office 2010 beta this week and moved onto their new Development and Design Action Pack. It’s pretty sweet and gives me access to the full Office 2010 Professional Plus edition. I had the option of downloading either the 64bit or 32bit versions so I went for the 64bit version to suit my OS. Everything seemed sweet until I synced my phone. All my calendar and task entries disappeared from my phone, even the ones I had manually entered into the phone that were not yet copied to my main system. Well pissed off. Did a bunch of reading and it seems that the current Windows Mobile Device Center does not support the 64bit version of Outlook 2010. The solution? Uninstall the entire office 2010 64bit office suite, download the 32bit version and install that. From what I read it seems quite unlikely that the WMDC app will get updated since they seem to think everyone uses Exchange. The new install is almost done so I’m off to try and sync my devices again. Still pretty sore that I lost all my phone based calendar entries.

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