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The Blade Runner Game on Vista 64

I got the Blade Runner Final Cut Tin for Christmas which got me thinking about the game I played a few years ago. One thing that always bugged me was that after I uninstalled it and deleted my save games I found out that the game has multiple endings. I decided now was the time […]

Battlefield 2142 vs the Microsoft Natural Multimedia Keyboard

I love playing Battlefield 2142 but my keyboard seems to hate it! My reason for saying this is due to the F1-F12 keys not functioning ingame which makes switching seat positions impossible in game. This has a number of drawbacks such as if you’re in a battle mech and are getting attacked by a helojet […]

Video Game Voters Network

Senators Hillary Clinton, Joe Lieberman, and Evan Bayh recently announced that they will introduce “The Family Entertainment Protection Act” which would regulate the sale of certain video games throughout America. Anti-video game forces are pressing forward. Gamers must stand up now and take action. The government does not regulate access to or the sale of […]

Project Entropia Subliminal Messages

You read it right, there are laws against this sort of thing aren’t there? MSS Subliminal Messages The game plays .wav files when you’re in certain buildings that could be considered subliminal. The messages vary in what they say but a fair few are money orientated 🤑 “You look great! Try our clothing color system” […]