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Space Quest I

I decided to replay one of my first graphical game series and bought the Sierra classic: Space Quest 1-6 collection from Steam for about £3. I read mixed reviews on that page stating that SQ1 was in VGA for some people and original for others. After installing it I could see that both versions are […]

AMD Catalyst 11.3 Kills Bad Company 2

So after all the hassle I went through to finally get Bad Company 2 working properly AMD have gone and done it again, they spoilt my game! I had it all tweaked out and running smoothly, the last big hurdle for me was the screen going black during game-play which obviously, totally kills things as […]

Battlefield 2142 to Bad Company 2 Migration Guide

Up until recently the only Battlefield game I had played was 2142, definitely one of my favourite games. I was persuaded to give Bad Company 2 a go and safe to say that is now also one of my favourite games. Some things are quite different than 2142 and will probably trip up other people […]

ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2

So I’ve been a long term Battlefield 2142 player and recently switched over to Bad Company 2. It is well nice but there are quite a few things that are different than 2142, I’m talking in both a game play sense and a game engine sense. I made a post about migrating from BF2142 to […]

Halo Reach

So Halo Reach arrived on Tuesday, I preordered it from Amazon. I played about 6 hours on Tuesday and then about 10 hours yesterday and completed it on Heroic at around 1am this morning. It’s pretty cool but I liked ODST more. One thing that annoyed me in Reach was that I kept getting lost. […]