ActionScript 2 ScrollPane Tab Issue

Inside a ScrollPane I created a series of input TextFields and gave each an instance name, a unique tabIndex and set tabEnabled to true. The end result was supposed to be a list of input TextFields you could easily tab through. No such luck, seems the cursor just gets stuck in the first TextField. Found […]

ActionScript 2 DataGrid Cell Redraw

I’ve never really had much use for the Flash DataGrid until a recent project. One of the tasks involved updating a field of a certain row. I was doing it like: this.datagrid_clinicians.dataProvider[clinician_index].total_presentations–; Essentially, there is an array of objects. One of the object properties is called “total_presentations”. The above line tell a specific DataGrid row […]

Creative Zen and Winamp Playlists

My shiney new Creative Zen arrived today, after the 4 hour initial power charging session I started trying to transfer tracks to the player. All the mp3 files copied as expected but my m3u Winamp playlist files were ignored with the device stating it was an unsupported file type. That sucks since I have hundreds […]

IE8 Font-Family Crapiness

I installed IE8 last night, had to do a manual download as it hasn’t shown up in Windows Update yet. Seems ok, took a while to get used to the slight change in tab styling. So everything’s going hunky dory until I landed on a Wikipedia page. It was being rendered with some crazy font […]

Vista Fonts Suddenly Missing

At some point yesterday around 400 fonts got deleted from my system. I didn’t realise what had happened at first however I did notice that Flash and Photoshop both crashed during startup at the point when they were loading fonts. I put it down to the system needing a restart due to a ton of […]

Historians exercise great power and some of them know it. They recreate the past, changing it to fit their own interpretations thus they change the future as well.

— Leto Atreides II