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Final touches of my XBMC Setup

Previously I have described how I got my AIM RC118 MCE remote working with XBMC and my Harmony One. Today I decided it was time to put the final touches on it all. A few things have been bugging me so I made a list of what I’d like sorting out: So it doesn’t seem […]

Logitech Harmony One Remote Sluggish with XBMC on Windows

I switched from using a crappy D-Link WDTV-Live to using HDMI over ethernet with IR pass through so that I could use XBMC. Bought an AIM RC118 MCE remote from Maplins that works fine with the system. It is very responsive. I tried to set it up on my Harmony One remote as I have […]

ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2

So I’ve been a long term Battlefield 2142 player and recently switched over to Bad Company 2. It is well nice but there are quite a few things that are different than 2142, I’m talking in both a game play sense and a game engine sense. I made a post about migrating from BF2142 to […]

Western Digital Elements 1TB External Drive Meets My XBox 360

So I bought a Western Digital Elements 1TB External Drive the other day and proceeded to copy loads of video content onto it. Turns out I should of checked it first as it came formatted with NTFS from the factory. Turns out XBoxes can’t read NTFS, only Fat32 or HFS+ (Mac format). So I just […]

HTC HD2 Footprints and Google Maps Integration

When I got my phone I installed the WWE 1.66 firmware. As default this has an old version of Google Maps installed as well as a trial edition of CoPilot 8. There is also an application called Footprints that lets you take pictures with the phone and it automatically geo-tags them. Once you’ve done that […]