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Windows Network Adapter Jargon

Over the past few years I’ve always had a curiosity for trying to tweak my network adapter settings as you can see from some of my past posts; Fixing Vistas Slow Network Speed, Vista VPN == Slow Net Access, End of my wireless woes and Wireless network ping spikes. I’ve always found it rather difficult […]

Fixing Vistas Slow Network Speed

I jumped on the Vista bandwagon quite early on and one continuous problem I’ve had is when copying files across my network. Most files would copy across at high speeds, in the MBs however some filetypes would crawl across at around the 10KB. A 900KB swf file would take almost 1 minute to copy. A […]

Belkin USB Bluetooth Adapter On Vista 64

Note: This has all been made redundant by the latest release of the Broadcom software that is available here. That installs and works straight away with no problems for me on Vista x64. I purchased a Belkin USB Bluetooth adapter (Model F8T013uk) a few days ago from Amazon. As expected it came with a driver […]

Hardware Review – Wacom Bamboo Tablet

I’ve been using a Wacom Volito 2 for about a year now and have loved it. It worked great on XP and just as well on Vista 64 although potentially it could be much better thanks to all the new tablet functionality built into the OS. One thing that has been missing over the past […]

Death to the Nforce. Long live the X38

If you read my last posting you’d see that I recently overhauled my machine. The motherboard I chose was an Abit IN9 32X-MAX Wi-Fi which was my first Nforce board and as it turns out; will probably be my last. I’ve had an endless stream of issues since it was installed, the majority of them […]