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End of my wireless woes

So after months of battling with my wireless network I’ve finally had enough. Wireless technology is just not ready for mainstream usage despite what the big brands may be saying. Sure if your a casual user who just wants to google some data or check your mail it might be fine but for file sharing, […]

Wireless network ping spikes

I recently purchased a Belkin F5D7000 PCI wireless network card. I’ve installed 3 of these in various machines over the past few months and had little trouble with them. The one I used in my machine would have to break this of course and from the start has given me problems. I’m 99% sure that […]

BT Home Hub Manual Bios Update Guide

My BT Home Hub died a horrible death last week when an automatic update failed. Since then I have been unable to connect to it via wireless or ethernet. I followed BTs advice and held in the Wireless Association button on the back for 20 seconds to do a hub restart. This didnt help in […]

Sky By Broadband is not what it seems

Sky By Broadband is not what it seems: I installed it last night and was showing it off to some other people. Today when I logged in my firewall told me that a service I had never heard of was trying to act as a server. At first this had me a bit myphed […]