Category: Hardware

New Year, New Systems

With some time off over the Christmas period I decided it would be a good opportunity to upgrade my local PC and server. The plan was to buy all new hardware to form my new machine and then make a hybrid from the last server and my old machine. As you’d expect with brand spankin […]

Upgraded my PSP to Open Edition 3.40

I bought a PSP a couple of weeks ago for a trip down to London. 4 hours in both directions ..ig.. It came with firmware 2.71 installed when I purchased it. If you turn it so the back is facing you and open the UMD drive it has 1009CT printed on the circuit board on […]

Battlefield 2142 vs the Microsoft Natural Multimedia Keyboard

I love playing Battlefield 2142 but my keyboard seems to hate it! My reason for saying this is due to the F1-F12 keys not functioning ingame which makes switching seat positions impossible in game. This has a number of drawbacks such as if you’re in a battle mech and are getting attacked by a helojet […]

Via Hyperion 5.11a hates Abit AV8-3rd Eye

So the title is a bit over dramatic but it got your attention didn’t it ? I recently did a Windows Update to receive this months bounty from Microsoft. Along with the usual bunch of security fixes and updates there were two hardware updates. One of them, which I chose to install was entitled “Via Bus […]

Hardware Review – D-Link DSM-320RD Media Lounge

I bought one of these a few months ago as I had just moved house and needed a new way to watch video off the server on the TV/Projector downstairs. At my old place it was in the next room so I just ran a pair of long s-video and audio cables across. Because I […]