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SOAP Web Service With Flash CS5 And The Flex SDK

I use Flash CS5 and FlashDevelop. Never got into the Flex Eclipse malarky. Don’t really have the chance since all my clients use the Flash IDE. I like the Flash IDE as it’s convenient for quick graphical mock ups whilst at the same time allowing me to incorporate complex code written externally with FlashDevelop. So […]

Windows Mobile 6.5.3 DTK In Visual Studio 2008

I can’t believe how much of pain getting my core Windows Mobile 6.5 development enviroment setup could be. Here are the hoops I’ve had to jump through so far. I ran into two really annoying hurdles which I couldn’t find a solution for so I thought I’d note down what I did for any other […]

WMDC 6.1 Hates Outlook 2010 64bit

So I finished with the Microsoft Office 2010 beta this week and moved onto their new Development and Design Action Pack. It’s pretty sweet and gives me access to the full Office 2010 Professional Plus edition. I had the option of downloading either the 64bit or 32bit versions so I went for the 64bit version […]

More MDM Zinc Issues

I’ve had issues with MDM Zinc in the past but due to certain issues with Adobe AIR find myself stuck with Zinc. I can’t really be bothered getting into why AIR is unsuitable for our current needs but safe to say it is. There are other alternatives to Zinc but I don’t have the time […]

b2evolution Base Tag Issue

b2evolution uses a base tag to help with its template system. This is fine in modern browsers but depending on how the base tag is written IE6 may refuse to show the site at all, even going to the point of giving the user a popup warning dialogue. The fix is quite simple and I’ve […]