Category: Programming

b2evolution Base Tag Issue

b2evolution uses a base tag to help with its template system. This is fine in modern browsers but depending on how the base tag is written IE6 may refuse to show the site at all, even going to the point of giving the user a popup warning dialogue. The fix is quite simple and I’ve […]

Building your own SlimDX binary from SVN

I’m a big fan of this free DX managed wrapped called SlimDX. I used to use Managed DX but MS abandoned that which meant I was limited to DirectX version 9. SlimDX makes it possible to still use C# but also to have access to the latest DX10 and DX11 classes. The official releases of […]

ActionScript 3 – Error #3013: File or directory is in use.

Hit a snag with an Air project I’m working on tonight. Got right to the end of the last set of requested changes and then started getting the error: Error #3013: File or directory is in use. It occurs with both new files and old files I’m replacing. Took me a while to suss it […]

Flash CS4 and the missing Vector3D class

I’ve been using the new 3D functionality in Flash Player 10 and got this error earlier today: 1046: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: Vector3D Quote boggling since the docs say it’s a global class as long as you have the publish settings player version set to 10. Took me a […]

Joomla and SWFObject IE6 Base Tag Issue Revisited

A while ago I wrote this post about how to get Joomla working with swfobject due to the base tag issue (swfobject FAQ Point #4). At some point Joomla has had what seems like a major rewrite and I found after a recent upgrade to 2.4.6 that the base tag issue is back again. To […]