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Building your own SlimDX binary from SVN

I’m a big fan of this free DX managed wrapped called SlimDX. I used to use Managed DX but MS abandoned that which meant I was limited to DirectX version 9. SlimDX makes it possible to still use C# but also to have access to the latest DX10 and DX11 classes. The official releases of […]

ActionScript 3 – Error #3013: File or directory is in use.

Hit a snag with an Air project I’m working on tonight. Got right to the end of the last set of requested changes and then started getting the error: Error #3013: File or directory is in use. It occurs with both new files and old files I’m replacing. Took me a while to suss it […]

Flash CS4 and the missing Vector3D class

I’ve been using the new 3D functionality in Flash Player 10 and got this error earlier today: Quote boggling since the docs say it’s a global class as long as you have the publish settings player version set to 10. Took me a while to work it out. If this happens to you then add […]

Joomla and SWFObject IE6 Base Tag Issue Revisited

A while ago I wrote this post about how to get Joomla working with swfobject due to the base tag issue (swfobject FAQ Point #4). At some point Joomla has had what seems like a major rewrite and I found after a recent upgrade to 2.4.6 that the base tag issue is back again. To […]

Zinc 3 aka Total Waste Of Money

I started using Zinc when it was 2.5, it was buggy and on more than one occasion caused me some severe grievences. A nice one was when I had a presentation that had to store data in a MySQL database. Nothing complex but the presentation itself was supposed to be potentially viewed by up to […]