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Joomla and SWFObject IE6 Base Tag Issue

One of the sites I’ve been working on recently introduced a couple of Flash elements to the layout. I’ve been using SWFObject 2 to write out the HTML to the page for these. Works fine in IE7, FF2, FF3 and Opera 9 but IE6 refuses to load the page. I viewed source on the page […]

Prevent Flash White Box Flicker

Recently a few people have asked me how to prevent that flicker of a white box just prior to the swf file being loaded in a browser. It’s quite noticable against a dark HTML/CSS background color. The simple fix is to set the bgcolor property via HTML. If you’re using the old skool Flash generated […]

FlashDevelop and the ActionScript 3 fl classes

Quick note on how to get FlashDevelop to provide auto-completion and the other tweaks for the Flash CS3 fl classes including the Tween class. Inside FlashDevelop tap into the menu: Tools->Global Classpaths (CTRL-F9) Pick AS3 from the dropdown box and then choose Add Classpath. Navigate to: C:Program Files (x86)AdobeAdobe Flash CS3enConfigurationActionScript 3.0Classes Then repeat for […]

Time for a new code editor

I’ve been using Crimson Editor for a few years now to code the numerous languages/scripts I frequent; mostly AS, PHP, C#, HTML, CSS and XML. Recently it’s been letting me down with the newer versions of these languages since it sort of become abandonware in 2004 with the sole author dropping off the planet. It’s […]

ActionScript 2 Class Caching Problem

I’ve been using the following method of instantiating classes for a few years now. It’s never proven a problem until recently. I’ll start off by detailing the circumstances that lead to me using this setup. I write about 95% of my code in external .as files. I store all of these in a directory called […]