Flash8 BitmapData.loadBitmap() Woes

If you’ve been having trouble getting anything to appear when using the loadBitmap() function then chances are you’ve made a simple mistake. The documentation says to use the linkageId of a library object as the sole argument for this function i.e: var myBitmap:BitmapData = BitmapData.loadMovie(“libObjectId”); The key to using this function is that you have […]

Sky By Broadband is not what it seems

Sky By Broadband is not what it seems: http://hintofsarcasm.com/2006/01/12/sky-by-broadband I installed it last night and was showing it off to some other people. Today when I logged in my firewall told me that a service I had never heard of was trying to act as a server. At first this had me a bit myphed […]

Using credentials with the .net SmtpClient class

I had a bit of trouble deciphering the MSDN article below: What MSDN says about using credentials i.e the SmtpClient.Credentials property Using a username and password with the new .net mailer is actually quite easy (C#): SmtpClient mailer = new SmtpClient(); mailer.Host = "mail.youroutgoingsmtpserver.com"; mailer.Credentials = new System.Net.NetworkCredential("yourusername", "yourpassword"); mailer.Send("from@address.net", "to@address.net", "Subject line", "Main email […]

Project Entropia Subliminal Messages

You read it right, there are laws against this sort of thing arent there? MSS Subliminal Messages The game plays .wav files when your in certain buildings that could be considered subliminul. The messages vary in what they say but a fair few are money orientated “You look great! Try our clothing color system” – […]

Updating .net 1 applications to .net 2

Today I was updating an old .net site to use the new .net2 classes. The warning messages in the C# Express IDE about obsolete classes where quite helpful but after a bit of googling I came across the following link. Its really handy for identifying areas in your applications that need special attention. I just […]

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