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Music To Your Ears – All My Phone Ringtones

I get a kick from making ringtones and notification sounds and my friends seem to enjoy them as well. I had an accident and deleted a bunch of them a few weeks ago and since then I’ve played with the idea of putting them all online so that I can have a live backup of […]

Six Digital Media Awards

So the prestigious Digital Media Awards were held last night, six entries, six first place wins. Very pleased. I developed the more complex ActionScript for all the eDetails and the Virtual Clinic project used my ActionScript framework for the Flash side. Obviously I didn’t do all the work myself, all the content and design work […]

The Ever Elusive Insurance Claim

So a full eight and a half months after my house was burgled I finally got the call saying my insurance claim had gone through. You always hear stories about how the insurance companies try to screw you over but in my case they were the champions. My insurance company don’t actually handle the claim, […]

Nine Three Limited

Today I met my new accountant Joe Donohue and submitted the papers to launch my new company Nine Three Limited. At the moment I’m a sole trader but an increasing number of factors have edged me towards going limited. Now that’s under way and next week I should receive the company certificate which means it’s […]

My House Was Burgled

Today my house was burgled. They stole my brand new 50″ TV and my kinda new XBox Elite, joypad and a few games and movies. They also stole the boxes for both the TV and XBox which serves me right for keeping them! I’m rather pissed off that they did it in broad daylight. The […]