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Show Review – Thundercats

A while ago I decided to have a blast from the past and watch the entire Thundercats saga. I watched it when it first rolled out on TV when I was a wee kiddy and remembered it being the greatest show ever. I thought it would be interesting to watch it now and see if […]

New Year, New Systems

With some time off over the Christmas period I decided it would be a good opportunity to upgrade my local PC and server. The plan was to buy all new hardware to form my new machine and then make a hybrid from the last server and my old machine. As you’d expect with brand spankin […]

Kicked out of Karate

Today I got permanently kicked out of both my Karate and Kickboxing classes. On Sunday we were sparring in the boxing ring and I ducked under Gareth’s right punch and came back with a right hook to the body. I think the fact that he was punching down towards my head and I was punching […]

I am not a number, I am a free man

I may not be a number but I am now the top result for David Millington in Google, Yahoo and MSN for both worldwide and UK searches, have some of that my photographer doppelganger 😛

Movie Review: Lawrence of Arabia

It’s been a while since I reviewed anything and since I just watched this 3 hour 36 minute marathon of a film it seemed fitting to do a review of it. I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy this movie but less than 10 minutes into it I knew it was going to […]