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Flash Shared Library Assets Gotcha

Shared libraries are a great concept for Flash. You can store items that get used in several movies in a single file and then load them into the parent movies as their needed. I’m going to show you how… In my Stargate Atlantis DHD Sim project there is a main movie called “dhd”. That has […]

Handy Flash Domain Reading

“How can a Flash file see the address of the page its on?” Get asked that one quite a lot. I’ve put some thought into it and have begun toying with a few ideas.

JSP and PostgreSQL Time Stamp Mayhem

So today has been quite a strainer, as part of a project I’m working on we generate PDF documents using JSP and PostgreSQL. The data is made up from various SQL queries depending on what we want to appear in the report. A huge brickwall I ran into today was that the creation dates for […]

Wacko Wiki Google Sitemap Support

A big part of my site uses Wacko Wiki as its engine so when I implemented Google Sitemap support for the other half it only seemed fitting that I do the same for the wiki. I didn’t see any available plugins on the Wacko homepage so I wrote my own function to handle this.

Microsofts update to Active Content in IE Part II

In my last post I described the problem that the new update for IE poses for Flash developers. Well ok, it’s not really a problem but more of an inconvenience for our end users. My final note was to say that I was looking forward to seeing Adobe/Macromedia’s solution as I was dissatisfied with Microsoft’s […]