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Vista Fonts Suddenly Missing

At some point yesterday around 400 fonts got deleted from my system. I didn’t realise what had happened at first however I did notice that Flash and Photoshop both crashed during startup at the point when they were loading fonts. I put it down to the system needing a restart due to a ton of […]

Vista Cannot Access XP Network Shares

So today I decided to unplug the LED cable for my cases power switch; ASUS have consistantly sucked at fixing a bug in their 3rd Eye motherboards bios that means the LED flashes continuously when in standby mode. The bios option to disable this behaviour only works the first time standby mode is activated. After […]

Windows Network Adapter Jargon

Over the past few years I’ve always had a curiosity for trying to tweak my network adapter settings as you can see from some of my past posts; Fixing Vistas Slow Network Speed, Vista VPN == Slow Net Access, End of my wireless woes and Wireless network ping spikes. I’ve always found it rather difficult […]

Fixing Vistas Slow Network Speed

I jumped on the Vista bandwagon quite early on and one continuous problem I’ve had is when copying files across my network. Most files would copy across at high speeds, in the MBs however some filetypes would crawl across at around the 10KB. A 900KB swf file would take almost 1 minute to copy. A […]

View Saved 3DMark 3DR File

I wanted to view some saved 3DMark06 files which have the .3dr extension. If you rename the file to have a .zip extension then you can unzip it to see 4 files. One of these is called Result.xml and contains all your scores. It’s a bit of a mess to look at though. An easier […]