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Time for a new code editor

I’ve been using Crimson Editor for a few years now to code the numerous languages/scripts I frequent; mostly AS, PHP, C#, HTML, CSS and XML. Recently it’s been letting me down with the newer versions of these languages since it sort of become abandonware in 2004 with the sole author dropping off the planet. It’s […]

Belkin USB Bluetooth Adapter On Vista 64

Note: This has all been made redundant by the latest release of the Broadcom software that is available here. That installs and works straight away with no problems for me on Vista x64. I purchased a Belkin USB Bluetooth adapter (Model F8T013uk) a few days ago from Amazon. As expected it came with a driver […]

Vista VPN == Slow Net Access

I use a VPN connection to access a remote network. I noticed that whilst connected the speed of browsing sites became incredibly slow. A quick tracert shows that all my network traffic is routed through the VPN connection. The reason for this is that as default new VPN connections in Vista are set to use […]

New file context menu templates

When using Windows XP you can right click inside a folder, expand the New submenu item and then pick a new file template to create. What few people realise is that you can add and edit your own templates. Recently I got a bit fed up of setting up the same Flash document structure over […]

TortoiseSVN Visual Studio Express Edition Integration

I’ve been searching for a while on how to integrate TortoiseSVN, my favorite source control system with the C# Visual Studio Express edition IDE. Tonight I came across Garry Bodsworths blog post that details how to integrate the two.